Identità Monna Lisa \ 4 лица Моны Лизы (SUB)12+


Продолжительность: 95 мин.

Режиссёр: Лука Тровеллези Чезана

Производство: Italy

Год выпуска: 2019

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На итальянском языке с русскими субтитрами.

All the different "identities" hidden behind the Joconda portrait are finally explained in a new compelling docufiction. Four women, four leads that we will follow to shed light on the real name of the figure that inspired Leonardo da Vinci. A wonderful journey through the Renaissance of Italy that will touch the hometowns of the four ladies: Florence, Milan, Urbino and finally the region of Basilicata, where we will discover the never-seen site where the Mona Lisa was buried. With the support of scholars and researchers, we will analyse exclusive materials and recent excavations to outline the features of the figure who still fascinates millions of people.