Drama . Fantasy

Продолжительность: 169 мин.

Режиссёр: Andrei Tarkovsky

Производство: USSR

Год выпуска: 1972

В ролях:

Natalya Bondarchuk, Donatas Banionis, Jüri Järvet, Vladislav Dvorzhetskiy, Nikolay Grinko, Anatoliy Solonitsyn, Olga Barnet and others.

 The Solaris mission has established a base on a planet that appears to host some kind of intelligence, but the details are hazy and very secret. After the mysterious demise of one of the three scientists on the base, the main character is sent out to replace him. He finds the station run-down and the two remaining scientists cold and secretive. When he also encounters his wife who has been dead for ten years, he begins to appreciate the baffling nature of the alien intelligence.

This was the most widely seen of Andrei Tarkovsky's films outside of the Soviet Union.

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